New Moon

By: Stephenie Meyer

The second book in the Twilight series begins with Edward and the Cullens leaving Forks.  Bella is devestated by this and spends a lot of time depressed.  She does make a new friend, Jacob Black, who has a secret of his own.  As Bella fights to keep her own life, she learns that Edward may be in danger also.

I definately didn’t like this book as much as twilight.  To begin almost the whole thing consists of Bella being depressed and not really doing anything.  Even when she starts hanging out with Jacob she still has relapses and it can get a bit tedious reading.  Another sad part is that there is almost no Edward…and isn’t that why everyone reads this series??? 😛  I thought it was a decent book, but Bella comes across as too winey for me.  I really think that she needs to be a stronger character for me to continue to like this series. 

On a better note, Jacob’s problem and the history around it is interesting and Meyer goes into nice detail like she did with the Cullen family.  Well, I’m picking up the next book (I think it’s eclipse?) today so I’ll see what I think of that one.