Around the World with Music (1)

I love music and am a very eclectic listener.  I especially like music from foreign countries, so I thought that once in a while I’d highlight a band that I like. 

-All Information about the band can be found on their website, so please go there to learn more!


“I wish other countries knew about our music and culture as well because music is a universal means of communication.  Good song is understandable for everyone even if it is in a foreign language.” -Aidos Sagat

Urker 2008

Urker was formed by Aidos Sagat in 1993.  They are from Kazakhstan and their music combines traditional Kazakh music with pop music.  The original band consisted of Aidos Sagat, Rustam Musin, Dauren Syzdykov, and Nurlan Seilov, but some of the members have changed since then.  The name Urker refers to the Pleiades Constellation.

Kazakhstan is bordered by Russia and China

Kazakhstan is bordered by Russia and China

Here’s the first song that I heard of theirs and I really love it!  I tried to find the lyrics but didn’t have much luck.  I did find some under the youtube video in the comments, but who knows if they are correct, but I’ll post them anyway for fun.

lyrics posted by aiska84  (note: if anyone knows of a better translation please let me know)

Ahau tugan elim, tugan elim ertengi ( my motherland of the future)
Ahau kokke samga, koshten kalma orkende(Sour in the sky, don’t )
Ai kaharman haliksin (You are brave nation)
Ahau keldi kezim, kordi kozim (My time has come, i’ve seen a lot)
Ahau tolga/jolga(?) endi bolashagim arayli (…My shining future)
Hau kazaksin(?) erkinsin (You are kazakh, you are free)
Hau antimsin, sertimsin (you are my allegiance?)

Jailauin ai, taldarin ai, baldarin ai (oh your fields, your trees, your honeys ?)
Aidarim ai aidarim ai mening (my ….)
Ahau kazak atin azamatin aktaidi (You kazakh name will protect/define your citizen/means kazakh nation)
Ahau dana halkim baba saltin saktaidi(my wise nation saves the traditions of ancestors)
Hai ejelgi turansin (you are civilization/place of the past)
Hai bugingi kiransin (You are the eagle of the present)