The Center of the World

by Andreas Steinhofel

When Glass becomes pregnant she imediately boards a ship and heads to Europe.  Once there she tries to build a life for herself and her twins, Phil and Dianne.  Throughout the book the family has to deal with the gossip and hostility of the townsfolk.  As they grow apart they all learn their own lessons about love, friendship, and life.  The story is told from Phil’s point of view and his longing to find out who his father (Number Three) is.


I really enjoyed this book, and it is the second time I have read it.  I like how the story is organized.  Instead of starting at the beginning and following like a timeline, Phil jumps around from the present, to past memories, which to me makes it more realistic.  The Center of the World  has it’s share of action scenes along with tasteful romance and an almost supernatural feel.  It is a longer book, 466 pages, which means that the reader really gets to know the characters (at least as much as the characters will let them know)  and starts to miss them once the last page is read. 

The great thing is all of the surprises at the end of the book.  Maybe I’m oblivious to this sort of thing, but they all took me by surprise.  Even though I didn’t see many of the events at the end coming, once I read them they all fit together with the rest of the story. 

One thing that set this book apart from almost all of the other ones I have read is that I don’t think it could ever be made into a movie.  I often finish a good book and think that it would be fun to see it in movie form, but this book is writen with a different quality.  It is refreshing to read a book and know that no reproduction other than words on paper could convey the feelings and meaning of it. 

As far as I am aware this is the only book by Steinhofel that has been translated to English (from German), which is disappointing because I would love to read more of his works.  I know I said this above, but it still amazes me how much life he gives to the characters.  This is a book that should go to the top of everyone’s book list.


Twilight book review

I started reading this series a long time ago and stopped reading it after New Moon.  But, now that the movie is coming out this Winter I wanted to reread the series.  So far I have read the first two books but have decided to split them into different posts because of my differing opinions on them.

Twilight by Stephenie Meyer                                      *****

When Bella, the main character, moves to a rainy Washington town called Forks she doesn’t expect that everyone will love her, since she is the new, strange girl from California.  But, she is still shocked when one of her classmates, Edward Cullen, seems revolted when they have to sit together in Chemistry.  Their relationship takes off once Bella determindly figures out what Edward’s secret is and, although they have a rocky start they soon become almost inseperable.

I liked this book enough that I went out and bought it after I was done reading it the first time, which is something I don’t do often.  I loved the characters and thought it was fun learning about the Cullens.  The highschool setting and the personalities of the characters where real and even had me laughing.  This is one of those books where my mood in real life was reflected by the mood of Bella from where I left off in the story.

From another point of view, my mom thinks that too much time was spent on Bella and Edward’s relationship and not enough on plot, but I disagree.  Since this is a series, I think that more time can be spent on the little details which is what this book does.  And, Meyer proves that she can write the action scenes too, especially at the end of the book.  After I finished Twilight I absolutely couldn’t wait to get New Moon, and would recommend this book to anyone.