30 down, 90 to go


My latest obsession has been lace doilies.  Not because I like doilies or have any need for them, but because lace knitting is fun!  And I don’t have the patience to knit anything bigger than a doily right now…I guess they will make good christmas presents for grandparents, huh? 


Anyway, a few days ago I went into Savers and low and behold there sat a bag of crochet thread for only $4! 


What a deal :S

 Now what am I supposed to do???? What can a knitter do with crochet thread…come to think of it what does a crocheter do with it?  It’s sooooo thin!

Well, here’s my one project (that will take up less than one roll of those)



 So far I’ve knit 30 of the 121 rounds, WOOT!  This thing better turn out 😛